Monday, February 18, 2013

5 Ways to Improve Your Life...Now!

  1. Pick things up and put them down:  As a wellness coach/personal trainer, I am obviously going to encourage people to exercise.  Exercise is great, but I want to stress the importance of resistance training (weight training).  I don't care if it's using dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells or even your own body-weight, but choose one of the aforementioned tools and get to work!  Resistance training will develop/preserve muscle tissue, increase your strength, develop mental toughness and make you feel better about the way you look and feel.  These benefits are all important for longevity as well as a better quality of life overall.
  2. Eat whole foods:  I'm not going to tell you to eat all organic, because I myself cannot afford to do so at this stage in life.  If I could I would though.  However, what I will tell you to do is to start eliminating as many processed "foods" from your diet as possible.  Most processed foods are loaded with sodium, chemicals that would ruin your chances of winning a spelling bee and other preservatives that are meant to keep dollars in the pockets of the companies that manufacture these food products.  These same chemicals and preservatives will ultimately ruin your health.  Instead, opt for whole foods (leaner cuts of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits and grains).  Basically if it has a face or grows from the ground then it's good to eat in my opinion.  
  3. Socialize with like-minded, positive people:  You don't have to go out to the bar, club or some party every weekend to get your fill of socializing for the week.  Surround yourself with people who share similar interests, hobbies or views on life.  If that is a tough task for you then confide in a positive family member or life-long friend and just talk...that's it.  Bounce ideas off of one another, laugh, share visions or dreams of the future and provide support for the decisions that you make as individuals.  This is very important, because sometimes we need other positive perspectives to help us reevaluate our own journey in life.  Also, laughter may be one of the most powerful stress relievers available.
  4. Set a goal:  Set a goal, make a plan and start taking steps towards achieving that goal as soon as possible.  No more room for excuses here, just go for it!
  5. Step out of your comfort zone:  Security is a great feeling because it rids us from feeling unnecessary stress and makes us feel comfortable.  That being stated, too much security or comfort can be extremely detrimental to our own personal growth.  I guarantee you will miss an enormous amount of life-changing opportunities if you stay within you own comfort zone.  Start small and do one thing a week that makes you feel uncomfortable, but can benefit your development (professionally, socially, physically).  I PROMISE you that you will be glad you did.

                               - +Wesley Claytor 

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