Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Welcoming Failure


The fear of failure is a tough obstacle to overcome.

It doesn't matter what you do in life, at one point you've faced an overwhelming fear of the possibility of failure.  If you haven't encountered this, then your free-ride on your parents' couch must be stagnantly awesome.

In order to do anything great, or anything of value, you need to test your own internal boundaries.  Stepping out of your comfort zone is how you find out what your strengths and weaknesses are.  This is the foundation of personal development and growth in my opinion.  Sure, you might think you know what you need to do in order to progress as an individual, but until reality smacks you in the face you probably have no clue.

The quickest way to self-actualize is by stepping out of what makes you feel safe and secure and heading straight into what makes you scared.  This is where mediocrity advances.  This is where learning and growth is achieved.

Failure is the one of the most powerful motivators, and you must fail in order to succeed.  If you miss this crucial state, the state of failure, then what is your success worth?  Do you value the things that you have achieved without failure as much as those that were faced with adversity time and time again?  Maybe, maybe not.  I would argue that you most certainly do not.

I know that whenever I fail in competition, I am taken to an awful place internally.  I hate that feeling more than anything, but I do not fear it.  I learn from it each and every time, and get better at handling it when it happens.  This has taught me how to be more patient, honest and confident.  It also shows me where my greatest weaknesses are, so that I can go back and work on them.

Failure teaches you to calm your ego.  It teaches you how to lose, and how to bounce back.  It teaches you what doesn't work, so that you can try a different way that may work.  It teaches you what your deficits are.

Failure uncovers your spirit.  It uncovers your will, and your perseverance.  It uncovers your courage and your purpose.  It uncovers your strengths.

Face the fear of failure, embrace it and get comfortable.  Learn to enjoy every aspect of your journey, whether it be good or bad.

You cannot experience life fully without the failures.

+Wesley Claytor

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