Monday, April 8, 2013

Valuing Honesty

We live in a world full of lies.

We are constantly bombarded with deceit by media, our social circles, and even our own minds.  But it doesn't have to be this way; YOU HAVE CONTROL!

I am a truth-seeker, and I believe that we can only live up to our full potential once we get rid of the lies and start valuing honesty.

If you want to become a stronger, happier and more resilient individual, you need to immerse yourself in truth.  WHAT IS, not what is not.

This all seems so simple, but then why is honesty not as prevalent as it should be in the world we live in?  Why is our society so full of bullshit??  Why are we lying???

Because the truth is uncomfortable.  The truth is not always pretty.  The truth is not always what you want to hear.  It requires people to be accountable, take responsibility, identify weaknesses and deal with consequences.  What a drag!

The majority of people don't want to face the truth, because it's so much easier for them to live a lie.  They trade their honesty and individuality to instead become flaky and mediocre.  The loss of credibility is tough to regain.

Don't be one of them!  Be you!  

The only way to be you is to find out who you are, and the only way to figure that out is to be honest with yourself.
Once you overcome this obstacle and knock down the walls of deceit, the world is truly YOURS!

Stop feeding into the subliminal conditioning, false claims and biased studies that the media crams down your throat.  Do some of your own research through experimenting and experiencing.  Life is one big conglomeration of experiences, and if you choose to forgo figuring out things that do or don't work for YOU, then you're missing out on what life is about.

Stop bringing negative, ignorant and dishonest people into your life.  YOU DON'T NEED THEM!  They're just there to feed off of you.  Once you put value into honesty, people will notice the change in you.  They will flock to you because you have "discovered" something that they have not.  Some people will cherish the honesty you share with them, and other people will resent you for not being as full of shit as they are.  Distance yourself from the latter group.

Stop lying to yourself.  Don't ignore your weaknesses, and don't make excuses for the reasons why you are not doing the things that you sincerely want/need to be doing.  Take responsibility for your actions and mistakes.  Tell people how you really feel -- they might not want to hear it and may even reject it, but they will eventually appreciate your genuine ways.  Be strong, honor your convictions and do the right thing. Be yourself, and everything else will inevitably make sense.  Become a truth-seeker. 

"The truth shall set you free!"

+Wesley Claytor

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