Friday, May 31, 2013

Tilton's Success

I want to share with you a quick story about my good friend, Matt Tilton.

Matt is from Manchester, New Jersey, and I first met him at Montclair State University.  We were both working towards our degrees in Exercise Science, and would often talk barbell experiences.  He would always be training, studying, eating or thinking about training. I soon realized that Matt had the potential to be a pretty strong powerlifter, but whenever the discussion came up about competing he seemed to have no interest.

Well he recently became interested, and just competed  in his first powerlifting meet, held at Pure Focus Sports Club in Brick, New Jersey on May 25, 2013.  He weighed in at 197.6 lbs, qualifying for the Middleweight Open Division.  His results were:

  • 1st Place - Bench Press: 295 lbs
  • 3rd Place - Deadlift: 500 lbs
  • 24 reps x 295 lb Deadlifts

500 lb Deadlift 

I am impressed by how well he did, and it inspired me to write this highlight because it reminds me of my "Stop Doubting, Start Dreaming!" post.  Matt always had the desire to compete, but for whatever reason he felt he wasn't ready.  Now that he has decided to give it a go, he is crushing it and looking forward to his next one.  

Don't put off the things that feel natural to you, or grab your attention.  We all have a calling and a purpose in this journey of life.  If something drives you, motivates you, or brings you enjoyment, GO DO IT!

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